Capybara Kingdom! Welcome!

I love Capybara. I'm a bit obsessed. They're my animal totem. And they're my presentation totem.

I've used them in presentations for years, so I thought I should pay them their due and create a little site all about them.

Here's our first article about them: Capybara - An Intro, and a Warning

This all started when bitly shut down their link bundling tool. I figured I'd create this site, list out some links from a talk I gave about SEO Leadership talk. But I quickly realized that yeah. I'd kind of like to actually create a Capybara zoo someday. So, here's the page. Who knows. Maybe it'll rank.

Oh, also: Here are the slides and the links from the talk.

And here's my awesome company: Portent, Inc. The people that work there are amazing. We do (surprise!) SEO, PPC, content, social media and analytics. Come check us out.

Someday, this will all be mine:

capybara kingdom, someday